August 23, 2014

No Scores kept

The territory of Eagleville in northwest Michigan was luckily full of all good guys (and gals) for the August shoot. Six stages dreamed up my Tim Pan Sam, had a bunch of really baad hombres that needed to be brought to justice for their bad deeds, and when the smoke cleared (yep - lots of it), all of the black hatters were sent to the Eagleville boot hill cemetary. A good job done by all the posse members. Then they were rewarded for their prowess with pistol, rifle, and shotgun with a great deal of grub, compliments of our chef, Birdshot Betty.

When the smoke and dust settled, the following posse members came out on top of their categories:

Clean shooters were: Bar Gun Hunter and Marlin Matt. Shooters were age 8 to age 78, and one third of the good guys were gals!!

Next month in September is our Annual Match, the 'Eagles Revenge', and it will be Sept 27 and 28, and will be two separate one day shoots for anyone who can't make it both days. Good grub both days, and I hear that there will be 'singing' and laughing on saturday night.

Y'all gotta be there to check out the comaraderie..
One Son of a Gun TG