April 27, 2019

Match FinishRank in CategoryAliasCatGrand Total AdjGrand Total RawGrand Total MGrand Total PRaw S1M1P1B1MS1Adj Score1Raw S2M2P2B2MS2Adj Score2Raw S3M3P3B3MS3Adj Score3Raw S4M4P4B4MS4Adj Score4Raw S5M5P5B5MS5Adj Score5Raw S6M6P6B6MS6Adj Score 6
11Faygo KidSS141.91136.911025.94000025.9425.8000025.825.61100030.6122.44000022.4437.12000037.12

21Bulldog JimS206.02201.021037.74000037.7442.72000042.7241.23000041.2333.79000033.7945.54100050.54

31Mohawk ScoutES225.28215.282050.43000050.4347.91100052.9137.51000037.5141.50000041.537.93100042.93

41T.N. TinaLSS234.35204.352139.10010049.136.65200156.6536.22000036.2228.39000028.3963.99000063.99

51Bar-Gun Hunter49ER257.2257.20062.09000062.0948.03000048.0343.32000043.3248.63000048.6355.13000055.13

61Petoskey PeteD287.4262.45044.33000044.3367.75400087.7556.05000056.0543.94000043.9450.33100055.33

71Black Silver RicCTBN308.1283.13154.73010064.7358.64100063.6451.45000051.4543.66100048.6674.62100079.62

81Rowdy RuskW311.58296.583058.97000058.9769.24000069.2463.45300078.4544.32000044.3260.60000060.6

91One Son of a GunGP378.78358.782175.88110090.8871.23100076.2379.26000079.2668.75000068.7563.66000063.66

102Quack Shot PamLSS763.04683.04160150.836000180.83134.213000149.21160.972000170.97125.042000135.04111.993000126.99

The Eagleville Cowboys first shoot for 2019 was held on April 27 on a very cool day. Our Range flag was at half staff for our Match Director Trusty Rusty who passed away during the winter. All cowboys and cowgirls removed our hats, bowed our heads, and each said our own prayer for Rusty, and also for his trusty sidekick Sharon. We had two new shooters, which is always a good thing. We were missing some off our regulars, guess it was to cold... When the smoke cleared, the following came out on top of their category:

And another new shooter, Quack Shot Pam did OK for her first shoot. One clean shooter - Bar Gun Hunter.

After the shoot, we had lunch inside the Eagles Nest because of the cool weather. And we also held our annual meeting for Club officers. So, those elected or reelected were:

CU All next month

One Son of a Gun

-"If the world were a logical place, men would be the ones to ride side-saddle..."